If you're tired of counting with number symbols (1 2 3), check out this slideshow video I made:
Sue - Mother-in-Law-to-be
2/26/2011 03:34:34 am

I can't even count like a Delawarean, so I learned a lot from viewing this video. Thank you for sharing your erudition.

3/1/2011 08:30:53 am

That was phenomenal! I tried explaining to my math teacher some years back that the differences between square numbers kept increasing by two.

Alas, I could not demonstrate it as elegantly as you have, and so I was told to sit back down and behave myself.

3/3/2011 09:56:51 pm

Jo Fitz
3/3/2011 09:59:07 pm

How fun! I have 2 grandkids who love math; Savannah, age 10 and Ripper, age 10. I am passing your blog on to them.


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