If you have been following this blog, you will have noticed that I have not updated it in a very long time. My love of math hasn't faded one bit, but my time has been occupied by another pursuit.

I am now the CEO and founder of Groennfell Meadery in Colchester, Vermont. As of this date, we are awaiting approval from the government to start producing mead. You can check out our website (and Facebook and Twitter and all that fun stuff) here: www.groennfell.com.

I know that mead is a far cry from mathematics (except in the dictionary), but since I am quite fond of both, maybe my readers are too!

3/15/2013 02:53:06 am

I am!

7/29/2017 07:48:46 pm

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3/16/2018 03:24:25 am

You challenge Makoa?

3/19/2018 05:47:56 am

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